Gadsden Glory

Gadsden Glory


This our FlagSmiths Gadsden Glory. Very similar to our Standard Old Glory but with the famous Snake and words “Don’t Tread On Me” overlaid on top. The original Gadsden Flag was created and named after a general in the revolutionary war Christopher Gadsden. It was an early motto and used to boost morale during the war. Our FlagSmiths design combines the two flags into one making it a great statement piece for any wall. As usual each star is chiseled into the wood by hand. The snake and words are carved into the wood as well. We use a blend of quality wood stains to obtain the colors you see. Each piece goes through our signature FlagSmiths Firing process giving the wood that famous look. And finally, we apply a clear coat to the flag that will protect the wood indoors and outdoors for years to come. 

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