Back in 2015 we started this little business in our parents garage and it has come to be what it is today.

It all started when I wanted a rustic old flag to compliment the theme of the house but didn’t know where to buy one. Considering my brother and I were somewhat confident with our woodworking skills we decided to try to take a stab at making one for ourselves. Before we knew it we had our first flag made. Almost immediately after we had completed our first prototype, all of our family and friends demanded that we make one for their house as well. Both my brother and I work full time jobs. I am a Firefighter and my brother is currently an Ag Education major in college. We are very lucky to have a hobby on the side such as this to build flags and send them to customers all across the USA.

We began to really get the hang of the process and decided to make a social media page to track and display our work and BOOM! Before we knew it we had quite the following with people messaging us from all over requesting a piece for their home. Now we have a full business set up and finally made an online store where we make flags for customers year around. We are proud of our work and hope you will be just as proud to have one of our pieces of art in your home.

We are FlagSmiths!